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Protection For Heroes: Workers’ Compensation For Law Enforcement

In a profession that has so much risk for injury and disability, law enforcement professionals in the greater Cincinnati area rely on protection from their employers’ workers’ compensation coverage. It is often necessary to have a legal professional on your side that will advocate for the maximum compensation due for sustained injuries.

Certified by the Ohio State Bar Association as a specialist in workers’ compensation law, Mark L. Newman, Attorney at Law has considerable experience in representing police officers with all types of work-related injuries. He has a reputation for delivering results in categories such as:

Traumatic Situations

Police can both witness and experience mental stress and trauma while they are saving lives and protecting the community as first responders. At this time, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), on its own, does not receive coverage through Ohio’s workers’ compensation program. According to the Ohio Workers’ Compensation Board, there also needs to be a physical injury involved for coverage of a PTSD claim. Mark’s extensive experience in disability and injury areas of the law makes him well-positioned to defend your best interests.

Off-Duty Details

Unfortunately, there are situations where an officer’s injury claim from an off-duty detail gets refused by both the police department and the company requesting police coverage. In many cases where there are coverage disputes like this, it takes a lawyer who is a knowledgeable and robust litigator to pursue a positive result in your case. A lawyer since 1989, Mark knows what it takes to resolve claims as expediently as possible.

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