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After A Personal Injury, You Have Options

If you suffered injury, pain and financial stress because someone else was negligent or careless, you have legal options. To protect your rights and pursue fair compensation, get experienced legal representation by Cincinnati lawyer Mark L. Newman. Together, you can decide what course of legal action will be the most effective path toward full compensation for your expenses and wage losses.

Who Is Responsible For Your Injury?

Drivers who are fatigued, texting or otherwise not paying attention can cause accidents in a fraction of a second. Other accidents happen when products fail or property owners do not fix hazards like slippery surfaces and bumpy walkways.

Sometimes there can be more than one negligent party. The best way to determine who was at fault and whether you have a valid personal injury claim is to talk to a knowledgeable attorney. We offer free, confidential consultations with a lawyer who has represented injured Ohioans since 1989. If we take your case, there are no fees until your case is successful.

Large-Firm Resources For Personal Injury Claims

Mark L. Newman is backed by the support of a large law firm. He will apply his extensive knowledge and resources to help you achieve your case goals, whether in settlement negotiations or through litigation. We can help you and your family after injuries sustained in a wide range of accidents:

  • Vehicle accidents – car, truck, motorcycle, boat, common carrier
  • Premises accidents – slip, trip and fall
  • Product defects/failure
  • Deliberate attacks

Why Choose Mark L. Newman?

In helping you or your family member recover from a personal injury, Mark will work tirelessly to create a custom solution. Every case is unique, and solutions may require innovative methods to reach your goals. Mark offers a free consultation, flexible appointments and a high level of personal attention.

The impact of an injury can be long-lasting and devastating to you and your family. Getting you justice and fair compensation is our main goal. Call our law firm today at 513-813-7616 to schedule a meeting with Mark L. Newman. You can also reach out to us online.