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Caring, Ethical, Excellent And Up-To-Date With Current Law

Mark has been my personal injury/workers’ compensation attorney since 2005. He truly cares about the client and it shows in his work ethic. My case was a little more complicated than most, and Mark went above and beyond what I feel most attorneys would do to have the case heard. Mark continues to represent me and treats each issue that arises with my case as if it were his own. – Anne, a workers’ compensation client (5-star review)

Mark L. Newman, A Fabulous Workman’s Compensation Lawyer!

In November 2006, I was injured on a field trip to a bowling alley that another teacher and I had taken our high school students on. I began medical care for my injury with my family doctor, but then after long delays on the submission of the necessary paperwork, and not being satisfied with the physical therapy I had been receiving, I switched medical care in August 2007 to my current chiropractor. In 2008, I received denials for medical care from workman’s compensation, and after my chiropractor’s unsuccessful attempts to get the denials overturned, my chiropractor recommended that I consult with a lawyer whose specialty was workman’s compensation, and that’s when he referred me to Mark L. Newman. Mark became my lawyer in May 2008, and from that time to the present, I never had to worry about who was doing what with the paperwork, because Mark took care of everything. When claims were denied, he immediately submitted the necessary paperwork to appeal the denials, consulted with my chiropractor, and kept me informed throughout. All questions that I may have had were answered within an hour, so his communication was outstanding, which was very reassuring to me. As important as it is to trust your doctor and believe in him or her, so must you trust your lawyer to do what is necessary, in order for you to receive the needed medical attention you deserve. Mark has been a phenomenal and exceedingly trustworthy lawyer for me. He succeeded in procuring two partial disability payments for me from workman’s compensation, and we just settled with workman’s compensation at a better than expected final settlement payment. Even my chiropractor was amazed with the two percentages of partial disability and the final settlement payments that I had received, and this says a lot due to my chiropractor being a certified workman’s compensation doctor! I can’t thank Mark enough for all that he’s done for me, and although my back will never be 100% better, I’m able to live a quality life due to the medical care I received from my chiropractor, and thanks to Mark’s intervention. Mark’s knowledge, thoroughness, and expertise on workman’s compensation law eliminated the added stress of dealing with the law on my own and allowed me to focus on getting the medical care I needed to heal my back. I highly recommend Mark L. Newman to clients who want to leave the law to Mark, so that they too can focus on healing their bodies after injuries on the job. – UTH, a workers’ compensation client (5-star review)

Great Attorney… Better Person

I have known Mark for over 25 years. Mark is always a good friend, intelligent, insightful. Rest easy when Mark takes your case. He will do a fine job, keep you well-informed, and be a caring human being to boot. – Rich (5-star review)