When someone is trying to earn benefits for their disability, frequently, that income may be the only source of money they can earn. When money is scarce, an applicant must do everything to gain their benefits as soon as possible. The appeals process on an SSDI application can take months or longer, so it is essential to do your best the first time around.

Earning disability benefits is notoriously hard. In fact, the government denies more than half of all initial applications. Thankfully, there are several things an applicant can do to increase their odds of success.

Gather the necessary proof

Medical history, doctor’s notes, an adult disability report, and evidence of worker’s compensation or other awards are important documents that the government will need to see as part of your application. You can add any information that you missed into an appeal, but that can cost a considerable amount of time if you could get an approval initially.

Follow the doctor’s orders

Part of your information in your application should include medical evidence. When you go to your doctor for this evidence, you want to be sure that it will help you instead of hindering you. If you were not compliant with dietary, prescription, or other health routines, that might appear in the doctor’s notes, and the Social Security Administration may decide to deny an application over this.

Get an attorney

It can be easy to miss important information or deadline when applying for SSDI benefits. Experienced attorneys have helped clients through this process countless times, so they know what to expect and how best to prepare for it. The experience a lawyer can offer can save you considerable amounts of time and effort while you are trying to earn your much-needed benefits.

Do not wait to begin

Earning SSDI benefits can take a considerably long time, and the more you wait to start, the longer it can take you to earn your benefits. When you need benefits to stay afloat, do everything you can to receive them as soon as possible.