Like most of your neighbors, you go to work every day to provide for your family. When you are at the job site, you try to do your best to stay safe. While working smartly can likely decrease your odds of sustaining an injury, you may not be able to avoid one forever.

The workers’ compensation system provides payments to those who sustain an injury or become ill at work. To qualify for compensation, though, you must be certain you act responsibly. Here are three things you should do if you sustain an injury at work.

  1. Get medical treatment

Your health is important. If you sustain an injury at the job site, you may want to brush it off. After all, admitting you do not feel well can be tough. Still, to protect your legal rights and ensure you recover fully, you must seek medical treatment after an injury. Also, you must follow your doctor’s orders to the letter. If you fail to do so, you may jeopardize your chances of receiving payments through the workers’ compensation system.

  1. Tell your employer

Your employer does not have to provide coverage for injuries you sustain outside of work. Thus, you can expect your supervisor to object to your workers’ compensation claim. To minimize this risk, report your injury to your employer immediately. Remember, you want to keep a record, so give your employer notice in writing if possible.

  1. File a claim

You may miss work as a result of your on-the-job injury. You may also have mounting medical bills. While the workers’ compensation system provides relief, you cannot receive payments until you file a claim. If you receive a denial, you may need to file an appeal to receive compensation for your injuries.

Work-related injuries are probably more common than you think. If you sustained an injury on the job, the workers’ compensation system may provide the relief you need. To be certain you receive compensation, though, you must act diligently.