Workers’ Compensation Law

Workers’ Compensation laws protect both workers and employers, and the impact of workplace accidents can have a drastic impact upon the financial health of anyone who runs into problems dealing with this benefit program. Getting legal representation from an experienced Cincinnati Workers’ Compensation attorney is the first important step to take if you want to obtain Workers’ Compensation, or if your Ohio business is accused of violating these laws. Mark is an Ohio Certified Workers’ Compensation Specialist. 

Mark L. Newman knows how to help clients successfully solve their Workers’ Compensation problems. Workers who are injured on the job and then have difficulty getting approval or successful appeals on their Workers’ Compensation claims come to him for advice and legal representation. Employers who are being accused of violating Workers’ Compensation law call Mark because he has extensive knowledge of this area of law and an excellent ability for resolving disputes.

When you work with our Cincinnati Workers’ Compensation attorney, the first step is to determine what your rights are, and if you have grounds to file a lawsuit. For workers, life-altering injuries may require ongoing medical care and other expenses in addition to lost wages. If you cannot work and are unable to get these important benefits, you and your family suffer financially in addition to your physical injuries and emotional stresses. If you are an employer being sued over Workers’ Compensation issues, your business may soon no longer exist. Employers and workers both need experienced legal representation to resolve these serious matters.

Your Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

The best reason to work with Mark L. Newman is to protect your best interests. Ohio workers are entitled to receive Workers’ Compensation from their employer’s insurance company. Actually getting those benefits can be a challenge that ends up in a legal fight for justice. Employers also are at risk if they are wrongly accused of violations of this law. By consulting with your own lawyer immediately, you can get approvals, win appeals and protect a business interest faster than trying to do it yourself.

Special Circumstances Lawsuits

Mark has extensive experience helping people deal with Ohio Workers’ Compensation issues. He is skilled at alternative dispute resolution methods like arbitration, but also is a tough and aggressive advocate for clients in the courtroom. In some cases where an employer has knowingly or unknowingly exposed workers to workplace hazards that result in injury, the injured worker may be able to file lawsuits for punitive damages. Certain circumstances allow filing lawsuits against a negligent third-party who also contributed to your injury.

Make that important call today to Mark L. Newman who is ready to meet with you to discuss your case and help you get justice. Call us now, at (513) 533-2009.



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Caring, Ethical, Excellent, and Up To Date With Current Law

Mark has been my personal injury/workers compensation attorney since 2005. He truly cares about the client and it shows in his work ethic. My case was a little more complicated than most and Mark went above and beyond what I feel most attorneys would do to have the case heard. Mark continues to represent me…

- (5 star review)