Wills and Estate Planning

Wills and Estate Planning documents are created for the purpose of controlling the disposition of your assets and property after you die or become incapacitated and are unable to continue managing your financial affairs. These legal documents are a guidepost of instructions for loved ones who must administer your estate. Mark L. Newman enjoys helping his Ohio clients provide for their families with comprehensive estate planning services.

It is very important that wills and other estate planning documents are properly drafted and filed. Attorney Mark L. Newman has extensive knowledge about Wills, Trusts and other estate planning tools. He is dedicated to helping clients lay out plans that protect assets and preserve inheritance property for their loved ones. He understands that planning for the future is important today, and that often estate documents are used to help clients manage their estate at times when they are incapacitated temporarily or permanently.

A compassionate attorney, Mark works closely with his clients to help them define what assets and property are to be included in estate plans. He helps them create legal documents that appoint administrators and heirs to that estate, and he offers personalized advice based on his professional knowledge about estate planning.

Cincinnati Wills and Estate Planning Attorney

There is a range of estate planning tools that can protect your assets and property. You worked hard to build your estate; take time now to protect those investments. You can trust our Cincinnati Wills and Estate Planning attorney Mark Newman to treat you with the respect and attention you deserve. He will help you create legal documents to include in your estate planning package, including the following:

• Wills
• Trusts – living, revocable, irrevocable
• Powers of Attorney
• Healthcare Directives
• Long term care provisions
• End-of-life arrangements
• Estate administration

Probate Court

If you die without a will or other estate planning documents that are properly executed and filed, your estate matters will pass along into Probate Court. In this process, an impartial Judge will appoint someone, often a stranger to you, to administer your estate. Your wishes will remain unknown, and your property may not pass along to the heirs you wanted to have inherit your assets. The best way to avoid Probate is by having estate plans in place, now. Attorney Mark L. Newman knows how to set up estate plans that will withstand challenges and avoid Probate. He also is skilled at helping people who have been appointed by a Probate Court Judge to administer someone else’s estate.

If you have any questions about Wills and Estate Planning, contact Mark. He will gladly answer your questions and consult with you about your estate planning needs. Call us now, at (513) 533-2009.

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Great attorney…better person.

I have known Mark for over 25 years. Mark is always a good friend, intelligent, insightful. Rest easy when Mark takes your case. He will do a fine job, keep you well informed, and, be a caring human being too boot.

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