Social Security Disability

Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits are critically important to many people who are unable to work due to physical, mental or emotional conditions. This government program provides income and medical care to persons who qualify, but like many other government sponsored programs, getting approved for SSDI benefits can be a tiresome, confusing and frustrating process. It is best to get help from our Cincinnati Social Security Disability attorney, Mark L. Newman, to avoid delays in receiving the benefits you deserve.

Cincinnati Social Security Disability Attorney

Mark has extensive experience and knowledge of the SSDI program. He knows how to help you if you have been denied benefits, or if you are making a first application for benefits following an injury that prevents you from continuing to work.

Many people are eligible for Social Security Disability, but when they apply for benefits, their application is denied. Attorney Mark L. Newman is a compassionate advocate for people who are struggling in their fight for rights. The process of applying for SSDI is complex, and if you do not submit everything properly, your claim will be delayed or denied. This also happens with appeals, and it can cause great financial stress and disappointment to applicants.

As long as you qualify for benefits, you deserve to get them without difficulty. Unfortunately, these government programs have many details and special requirements to meet. If you try to apply on your own, you are more likely to fail and have benefits delayed or denied. The best solution is to work with our Cincinnati Social Security Disability Attorney first, so you can be approved and start receiving maximum benefits quickly.

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