Social Security Video Hearing Opt-Out Process

Opt OutDecember 10, 2014 | By Mark L Newman, Workers’ Compensation and Social Security Disability Attorney

The Social Security Administration recently changed the regulations regarding objecting to video hearings.  If a request for hearing is pending prior to September 6, 2014, the Social Security Administration will send the claimant a notice that the hearing may be conducted by video and an opt-out form will be included.  This form must be returned to SSA in the envelope provided to the attorney.

For hearing requests received after September 6, 2014, the hearing request acknowledgement letter will include language that the hearing may be a video hearing.  A form will be provided to opt-out with a barcode on the it.  This form can be returned to SSA by mail in the envelope provided or to the fax number provided on the form.

The opt-out form can be signed by the attorney on behalf of the claimant.  More information about the video opt-out process can be found at

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